Implementation of Innovative Management Systems in UAB Akvavita

Implementation of Innovative Management Systems in UAB Akvavita

UAB AKVAVITA is one of the most modern mineral water extraction companies in Lithuania. The modern equipment for water extraction, preparation, bottling, labelling and packaging introduced several years ago enables production of the highest quality products without contact with the air, thus preserving the unique composition of the mineral water. Each year, the company’s production volumes grow along with the increasing need for structuring human resources and processes. The company’s performance is also affected by the seasonal nature of activities due to the characteristics of the product. During the high season, the company’s sales increase and exceed its production capacity, while during the low season some of the product is stored. In order to control the quality of the product and establish itself in foreign markets, the need has emerged to introduce BRC and IFS food safety management standards for the company. These standards will allow the company to:

– Demonstrate compliance with the system and, in the case of a food safety incident, to legally protect the company, showing that all the necessary precautionary measures have been taken;

– Establish and control the management system while pursuing compliance with food safety requirements and legal standards, with a special focus on laws in the countries where the product is used;

– Provide an instrument for improvement of food safety efficiency and its monitoring and measurement;

– To reduce the occurrence of product defects, repairs and cancellations.

The project “Implementation of Innovative Management Systems in UAB Akvavita to Increase Labour Productivity in the Company” funded by the European Regional Development Fund was prepared for obtaining of IFS and BRC certification. The project commencement date was 1 April 2016, and its completion date was 1 September 2016.